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Embarking on a journey in 1997, CargoRiga has become a premier provider of car transportation services, dedicated to ensuring the secure and timely delivery of dangerous goods to Croatia. Our extensive experience in the logistics industry uniquely positions us to offer reliable solutions for shipping hazardous materials and dangerous goods to Croatia.

CargoRiga takes pride in its longstanding commitment to excellence, making us a trusted choice for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and secure transportation services for dangerous goods in Croatia. Whether you're shipping hazardous materials or other dangerous goods, our team is well-prepared to handle the entire process with precision.

When you select CargoRiga for your dangerous goods shipping to Croatia, you gain a strategic partner with a proven track record. Our knowledgeable team is adept at navigating the complexities of shipping regulations, ensuring compliance and the secure delivery of your cargo to its destination in Croatia.

Opt for CargoRiga for a stress-free and reliable shipping experience, backed by over two decades of expertise in car transportation and specialized dangerous goods shipping to Croatia. Your satisfaction is our paramount concern as we strive to surpass expectations, delivering a service that upholds the highest standards of professionalism and dependability.

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What encompasses the process of shipping hazardous goods to Croatia?

Welcome to CargoRiga, your go-to ADR transport and shipping partner for the secure delivery of dangerous goods to Croatia. Our skilled drivers possess the necessary qualifications to transport hazardous materials by road, ensuring a safe and compliant journey for your cargo. Count on our reliable vehicle fleet, where each truck is sanctioned for the carriage of dangerous goods across all classes. For added precision and care, our fleet includes trucks equipped with temperature control. Choose CargoRiga for a dedicated and tailored solution for the dependable shipping of dangerous goods to Croatia.

Secure Shipping Solutions for Dangerous Goods to Croatia

In the realm of international logistics, the transportation of dangerous goods demands meticulous care to safeguard both human life and the environment. Our specialized services cater to the secure shipping of hazardous materials to Croatia, encompassing a diverse range of substances and objects.

These potentially harmful materials span various categories, including fuels, acids, pesticides, paints, aerosols, fire extinguishers, solvents, adhesives, medications, lithium batteries, and more. Our unwavering commitment to safety and compliance establishes us as your reliable partner in navigating the intricacies of dangerous goods transportation to Croatia. Count on our expertise for the secure and efficient delivery of hazardous materials to their destination in Croatia.

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One key to our success lies in clear, honest and timeous communication with our clients fostering tested, reliable and successful transport solutions.

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Our company works with private persons and legal companies.

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Our qualified employees are not just drivers, but real specialists in their field. We are attentive to our customers and cargo, demanding to our employees.

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Can you transport dangerous goods with temperature control?

Yes, of course, temperature control is required for many dangerous goods, so we have refrigerated transport with ADR permission.

What goods are classified as dangerous?
  • class 1: explosives and articles;
  • class 2: gases;
  • class 3: flammable liquids;
  • class 4.1: flammable solids, self-reactive substances, solid desensitized explosives;
  • class 4.2: Substances liable to spontaneous combustion;
  • class 4.3: Substances that, in contact with water, emit flammable gases;
  • class 5.1: oxidizing agents;
  • class 5.2: organic peroxides;
  • class 6.1: toxic substances;
  • class 6.2: infectious substances;
  • class 7: radioactive materials;
  • class 8: corrosive substances;
  • class 9: miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles.
What trucks do you have?

For the ADR transport, we offer vans up to 1200 kg or big truck up to 24000 kg.

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