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Cargoriga has been offering international logistics services to Germany since 1997.

The CargoRiga company, established in 1997, has long been a key player in the market, initially offering basic transport services with small vans. Over the years, our expertise has grown, particularly in handling loads up to 24 tons and executing international logistics services, including international moves.

As the industry evolved, so did CargoRiga. We've expanded our services to include specialized transport solutions tailored to diverse needs. This expansion covers direct deliveries, moving service, car transport, and refrigerated transport service, integral to our international logistics shipping company's offerings.

Our commitment to providing top-tier international logistics services extends to managing loads that require express delivery. We handle a broad spectrum of items - from personal belongings and household goods to cars and pharmaceutical products, and even hazardous products requiring ADR licenses. CargoRiga's approach to international logistics, especially to Germany, ensures safety, compliance, and efficiency in every shipment.

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What Does International Logistics Service Include?

Benefit from our extensive experience in international logistics services and our comprehensive range of offerings. CargoRiga, as an international logistics company, provides:

  • Full-load transport: Ideal for substantial international freight forwarding needs.
  • Part-load options: Tailored for smaller, more specific international logistics shipping requirements.
  • Express Transport Services: Perfect for time-sensitive international logistics and fast delivery demands.
  • Specialized Logistics Services: A key component of our international logistics services, catering to diverse and complex shipping needs.

With CargoRiga, you get the advantage of our years in the international logistics market, ensuring efficient and reliable service, particularly in the realm of international logistics to Germany.










We Transport a Wide Range of Freights:

Leverage CargoRiga's expertise in international logistics services to transport various types of freights. Our capabilities include handling:

  • Personal belongings: Ensuring safe and secure transit.
  • General items and stuff: Catered with utmost care.
  • Furniture: Moved with specialized logistics solutions.
  • Goods and boxes: Efficiently managed for smooth delivery.
  • Pallets: Ideal for larger, bulk shipments.
  • Pharmaceutical products: Transported in compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Chemicals: Handled with specialized care for safety.
  • Food products: Delivered with attention to preservation and quality.
  • Hazardous products requiring ADR licenses: Managed with strict adherence to safety standards.
  • Specialized equipment: Transported with expertise and precision.
  • And more: Catering to a wide range of custom logistics needs.

At CargoRiga, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive international logistics shipping services, ensuring each item, regardless of its nature, is handled professionally and delivered efficiently to Germany and beyond.


Get In Touch With Us

Connect with us through our website, phone, or email to start your international shipping journey to Germany. Our skilled team is ready to guide you through each step, providing expert advice and addressing your questions. Initiating contact with us is the first essential step towards a seamless and well-organized shipping plan.

Receive a Customized Quote

Once we receive your shipping details, our team will craft a customized quote for you. To ensure this estimate is as precise as possible, we need information about the types of goods you’re shipping, their quantities, and both the loading and unloading locations. Detailed information leads to a more accurate and faster quote, allowing us to tailor our international logistics services perfectly to your needs for shipping to Germany.

Stress-Free Shipping Management

With your shipping details in our hands, you can sit back and relax. Our expert team will oversee every element of the international shipping process to Germany. We ensure your goods are transported efficiently, securely, and in full regulatory compliance. From the outset to the final delivery, we manage the intricacies of international logistics, providing you with a stress-free experience.

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What Details Are Needed for a Quote in International Logistics?

For an accurate cost calculation in international logistics services, please provide the loading and unloading addresses, along with detailed information about your cargo, including weight and dimensions. This ensures a precise quote for your international shipping needs.

What Determines the Delivery Time in International Logistics?

Delivery times in international logistics depend on distance and your choice of transport. We offer vans for express international logistics shipping and larger trucks for full or groupage cargo. Upon your request, our team will estimate the delivery time based on your specific international shipping requirements.

What's the Best Way to Initiate International Logistics Services?

The most effective way to start with our international logistics services is to send your request via email. We accommodate requests in English, facilitating clear and efficient communication for your international logistics needs.

Which German Cities Does CargoRiga Serve for International Logistics?

CargoRiga's international logistics services span across numerous cities in Germany. We cover major urban centers such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Cologne, as well as other important destinations including Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Dresden, and Nuremberg. Our network extends to various regions throughout Germany, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your international logistics needs.

How Does CargoRiga Ensure the Safety of Goods in International Logistics?

At CargoRiga, the safety of your goods is our top priority in our international logistics services. We employ stringent safety protocols and use state-of-the-art equipment to handle and transport your items. Whether it's standard cargo or sensitive materials, we ensure that every shipment is secured and monitored from pickup to delivery, especially in our international logistics routes to and within Germany.

What Types of International Logistics Services Does CargoRiga Offer?

CargoRiga offers a diverse range of international logistics services to cater to various shipping needs. This includes standard freight forwarding, express delivery options, specialized transport for oversized and hazardous materials, and comprehensive logistics solutions for complex supply chains. Whether it’s a small parcel or a large-scale shipment, our services are tailored to provide efficient and reliable international logistics solutions, especially for destinations across Germany.

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