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Welcome to CargoRiga, your trusted partner for shipping and moving services with a strong presence in Austria. With years of dedicated service since our establishment in 1997, we have evolved from providing basic transport services with small vans to becoming specialists in transporting loads up to 24 tons, including international moves.

As the market landscape has evolved and competition has grown, we at CargoRiga have adapted and expanded our offerings to meet the diverse needs of our customers, particularly in Austria. Our range of specialized transport services now includes direct deliveries and comprehensive moving services. Whether it's personal belongings, items, furniture, or household goods boxes, we ensure secure and efficient transportation to and from Austria.

Choose CargoRiga for your shipping needs, and experience the reliability and professionalism that come with our many years of industry expertise. Your satisfaction is our priority as we continue to enhance our services to cater to the dynamic demands of the Austrian market.

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Inquiring about the components encompassed within our furniture shipping service to Austria?

At our core, we specialize in facilitating the seamless transport of furniture to Austria. However, our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of services extends beyond mere delivery. You have the flexibility to customize your experience by availing additional offerings such as furniture disassembly or assembly, meticulous furniture packing, as well as efficient furniture loading and unloading.

Rest assured, our team comprises solely of seasoned professionals in the moving industry. Your furniture is in capable hands from the moment it leaves the origin to its safe arrival in Austria. Trust us to handle every aspect of the shipping process with precision and care, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Whether you're relocating your home or office, our dedicated services cater to your unique needs, making the process of shipping furniture to Austria a smooth and reliable endeavor.

Our services encompass the seamless shipping of these furniture varieties to Austria

Enhance the beauty of your space with our specialized Antiques & Vintage Furniture and Art Shipping service in Austria. Sculptures, paintings, antique furniture, and other art objects demand a unique and meticulous approach. Our seasoned experts, boasting years of experience, handle the transportation of your cherished antiques with an extra layer of attention and precision. Trust us to deliver your artistic treasures to Austria with the utmost care and expertise.

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One key to our success lies in clear, honest and timeous communication with our clients fostering tested, reliable and successful transport solutions.

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Our company works with private persons and legal companies.

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Our qualified employees are not just drivers, but real specialists in their field. We are attentive to our customers and cargo, demanding to our employees.

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How to properly pack furniture for transportation?

Quality packaging depending on fragility, value and surface quality. Send photos of furniture and ask this question to our manager by email, we will send instructions or a specialist will come to pack your furniture.

How to contact you?

It is best to send your request by email.

What affects the cost of shipping?

The price depends on the volume, weight of the cargo, distance, additional wishes and conditions of the client.

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